Continuous Professional Training is a MUST.

Here are some reasons why investing in the growth and development of employees is a smart idea that is evergreen.

Investing in each of your workers is beneficial to the whole organization and can boost the bottom line. Following are six rewards you can realize if you support or provide professional training initiatives:

1. You increase the collective knowledge of your team

Encouraging your employees to train in relevant subjects and applications — an advanced course in a software program they use daily, for example — can have an immediate effect on productivity. Professional development can also help raise overall staff expertise when employees with vastly different backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to share information.

2. You boost employees’ job satisfaction

When staff members can do their jobs more effectively, they become more confident. This leads to greater job satisfaction and improved employee retention. There are a range of low-cost professional development training options to choose from, including mentorships, job shadowing and cross training.

3. You make your company more appealing

When you offer training and development opportunities, you’re building a positive reputation as an employer that cares about its workforce and strives to employ only the best. Your customers and clients will benefit, too, from the high level of efficient service they receive. And keep in mind that your employees are your brand ambassadors. When they attend conferences and seminars, they represent and reflect all that’s good about your organization.

4. You attract the right kind of in-demand candidates

Do you want to attract the most highly driven and career-focused candidates when you post a job opening? Offer them more than just a competitive salary and benefits; paint an enticing picture of how they can grow professionally or expand the career avenues available to them if they come to work for you.

5. You aid your retention strategy

Your workers want to feel like they’re appreciated and making a difference. But they also want to feel like they’re gaining expertise and becoming more well-rounded. If your team members don’t feel challenged, or they sense stagnation in their careers, they'll look for advancement opportunities elsewhere. Lifelong learning exposes your employees to new experiences and keeps them engaged in their work. Professional development training helps build and maintain enthusiasm, but it also inspires loyalty.

6. You make succession planning easier

Do you feel like some employees clearly fall into the management material category? Leadership development programs are tools for grooming future leaders for your organization. If you’d like to be able to promote staff to managerial positions in the future, targeted training now can help you ensure your best and brightest are prepared to move up.

Finally, set a good example. Reinforce your commitment to professional development training by seeking educational opportunities for yourself. Research from the Center for Creative Leadership finds that it’s increasingly important for company leaders to take charge of their own learning. Plus, your promotion of professional development training to employees will be more impactful if it’s clear that you practice what you preach.




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  • Reflect on achievements and feedback

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Conversations build real connections

  • Ask for and provide frequent feedback

  • Engage in coaching conversations for growth

  • Be present in conversations and speak with respect for the individual